Henry’s Bistro & Wine Bar

Henry’s Bistro & Wine Bar in Ennis, Co Clare, IRELAND

Late May 2019 I met with Dermot Fetton, the manager to the newly established Henry’s Bistro & Wine Bar located on Market Street, Ennis, Clare, Ireland – previously The Dining Room.

Dermot had taken over the restaurant, after completing 5 years managing The Cloister (also located in Ennis), and fully renovated the interior with soft tones of grey, greens with highlights of rustic colours complimented by warm lighting. It is truly a pleasure to sit in this comfortable space.

Dermot met with me to discuss how I could assist with the promotion to local / county / tourist and online of the restaurant. The location is not where you would find the other popular restaurants / hotels of Ennis are, but there are positive signs showing that the ‘Market’ area is expanding to be competitive in this area.

Dermot’s ‘yardstick’ is based on TripAdvisor’s “Restaurants in Ennis” Rankings. When I met with Dermot, he highlighted to me that Henry’s Bistro was ranking at number 19… so some work was needed to be done, to assist in raising the ranking.

After completing extensive research, I reported to Dermot that Henry’s Bistro needed to be listed on more tourism sites than what it was currently. I suggested listing to be placed on Clare.ie, Visit Ennis and Wild Atlantic Way, with images / photos branded with the Henry’s logo. All in all, the listings raised the online presence from approx 900,000 to 25 million readers, with the majority from locations deemed to be high on the Irish tourism list. Following the same suite, the social media sites are an ongoing project to reflect the same.

I redesigned all of the menus and created templates for Dermot to have ownership of so he could adjust and print off anytime there was a change from the kitchen – so no need to rely on a designer with the specialised software. The menus were uploaded to the website so anyone could view the menu(s) easily even via the smallest of smartphones.

The next project suggested to Dermot was the exterior of the building, whilst pleasant enough, what was needed was a form of advertising to show the passerby what was offered inside before entering the doors. Hence a newly revamped exterior menu board encapsulating all of the menus in a legible format.

The windows were next on the list, where a sense of being in a winery (interior) but also promoting the wine bar (externally) was needed . I designed a frieze of grape vine running along the front of the two expansive windows printed on opaque film – which when applied to the interior of the windows created a sense of privacy, but not fully blocking out the street all together as small windows within the vines design were cut-out, so you could still see snippets of the world outside or passerby could see a hint of what was happening inside.

The colours of the frieze beautifully complimented the interior colours on the walls.

The corner window panels would become somewhat like a billboard, just not as tacky. The windows faced a high traffic / pedestrian area and the want was to design panels which highlighted the days / times when open but also a hero photo of the dining area to show this is what you will find if you walk through the doors.

The prominent corner window facing street and footpath traffic.

Other small but important suggestions for the exterior was to have the window frames repainted, replant the flower-boxes and a projection lighting of the Henry’s logo focussed on the pavement for the darker months.

Increased advertising with a design refresh of previous adverts in local papers and social media are to follow.

At the time of this blog, 3 months after our initial meeting, Dermot informed me that Henry’s Bistro ranking was now number 3 on Tripadvisor!

More to come, so stay tuned as Campaign Henry’s Bistro & Wine Bar continues.

Thanks goes to Pete Cronin @ C Signs for his expertise advice with the window decals.

Henry’s Bistro & Wine Bar